#Oppp Hacked.
#Oppp Kashmir.
  Pakistan Zindabad

Your Site has been Hacked by Pak Ghost Army
We are here we do research.
Respect us...!  We don't Forget..!   We don't Forgive..!  


This Defacement is brought to you by Pak Ghost Army.We want to convey our message in shrill treble
About the Attrocities being Commited Against Muslims Living in Kashmir Under Indian Rule.
We Want to draw attention of World Towards the poor Condition of people in kashmir.
They are not Allowed to have religious , cultural , social freedom.
#You call this World Best Parlimentary system ?
Ask a MOTHER how her son died, a SISTER how she cried,A FATHER left torn up inside.
A brother who had faith in freedom all the way.
This system donot gurantee Fundamental Rights to Citizens.
Go back to 1947,The begining of indian Oppression , That led to destruction and illegal occupation of KASHMIR.
THis is The time to say enough! to the brutality being committed to
The innocent civilians in KASHMIR by Political Administration for power.
We Are not going to stop untill Kashmiris are given fundamental rights.
We Are ready and commited for the defence of pakistan.

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